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    A range of handy accessories and smaller items suitable for anyone with a multi-fuel stove, open fire, or wood pellet burner.


    We stock smokeless coal, house coal and peat fuel for those needing the longest burn time possible and maximum heat output.


    ‘Co-Firing’ is the term we use for combining two types of fuel for added convenience and variety. Why not try combining our Kiln Dried Logs with a product such as Peat Briquettes? Peat gives off a lovely aroma when alight, making it a fun and pleasurable addition to your nightly burn. Alternatively you could combine our Kiln Dried Logs with our Hot Rocks Smokeless Coal or our Heat Logs. Both Coal and Heat Logs have a higher calorific value than firewood and will increase the heat output of your fire. All of our combos below are shipped out on a single pallet - which makes it cheaper than buying each product separately.


    We sell only the highest quality kiln dried logs with only 10-20% moisture content, ensuring a clean burn and high heat output. You can choose across our range of Ash, Birch, Oak, Beech, Alder, Maple and Hornbeam. We sell our firewood in full crates, half crates, bulk bags or nets. Ordering kiln dried firewood in crates is our most popular option because the crates are easily chopped into kindling - so no waste! All crates, bulk bags and nets are neatly packed with premium logs and provide incredible value for money!


    Heat logs are made from compressed sawdust without any chemicals, additives or binding agents. These wonderful logs emit a good bright flame and due to their very low moisture content will emit a sturdy heat output.


    No order or kiln dried logs or any other fuel would be complete without the associated lighter requirements.


    All of our fuels can be bought as single packs for you to sample or mix with your main pallet of fuel.


    Luxury Wood is one of the most highly regarded suppliers of premium wood pellets in the UK, delivering to literally thousands of homes across the UK every year. All of our wood pellets are EN+A1 standard and Biomass Supplier List (BSL) authorized.

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